Oracle Drive

A few months ago, I bumped into an interesting beta product named Oracle Drive. Meanwhile the production release is available and I started experimenting with it.

This piece of software enables you to map a WebDav folder as a “normal” network drive on your desktop.

Why is this so interesting?
Well, these WebDav Folders are implemented using an Oracle Portal Page Group. Windows Explorer can be used for manipulating documents and folders, while the right-mouse-button-menu redirects the user to Oracle Portal for administration tasks like:

  1. Configuring version support
  2. Granting/Revoking access rights
  3. Locking documents/Folders
  4. Setting additional document properties

Every document you access, will be cached for offline use on your desktop machine. No more hassle with memory sticks or other storage devices, just take your laptop with you and continue to work on the “network share”. The changes you made will be synchronized to the WebDav folder when you go online again. Off course, you can select documents to be Always Available Offline, independent of the state of your local cache.

Next to all these “Content Management Features”, Oracle Drive can be configured to backup the files on your local harddisk. This backup can be scheduled and copies your files to a WebDav folder.

All documents are stored in the database and can be backed-up up using the standard Oracle procedures.

The software can be downloaded from Oracle Technet and configuration of Oracle Drive is explained in this white paper.


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  1. You said:Well, these WebDav Folders are implemented using an Oracle Portal Page Group.Does this mean this only works with Oracle Portal (so Oracle Application Server) installed?With the Oracle 10g release 2 database, it is possible to have webdav functionality in the database (via MOD_ORADAV), without the need for Oracle Portal or Application Server.If I understand well, Oracle Drive looks like an “application layer” around this MOD_ORADAV.So probably it should also work with the database (+webserver) only?

  2. It is a prerequisite that Oracle Portal is installed. I tried using Oracle Drive with the interMedia OraDAV driver (Kit), and I figured out that this doesn’t work. I logged a service request and Oracle confirmed that you can only use all Oracle Drive functionality when you use the standard /dav_portal/portal WebDav Container.This should answer both of your questions I think ;o)

  3. OK, tanx.Will you keep me posted on Oracle’s answer as to the supprt for non-portal ORADAV in the future?

  4. Answer from Oracle:Oracle Drive (ODrive) extends the windows explorer right hand menu with capabilities specific to the backend file store. The option ‘SET PROPERTIES’ is specific for Oracle Portal and cannot be used in combination with the package ordsys.dav_api_driver.Extended capabilities of the Windows Explorer menu are discussed in Technote “HOW TO INSTALL AND CONFIGURE ORACLE DRIVE WITH ORACLE PORTAL”

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