Oracle Identity Management Suite

Within the near future Oracle will release it’s new Identity Management Suite 10g, version 10.1.4, incorporating the entire stack of new security products. Xellerate, CoreID, OctetString, etc. Spooky !!

For a detailed explanation of all the new and exciting products and features I gladly refer to this website.

Now … being a good consultant, I can not wait until the fully integrated suite finally arrives.

Oracle recently released a new version of Xellerate – i.e. Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) -, it’s newly bought provisioning platform which will probably replace the ODIP functionality – Oracle Directory Integration Platform – currently available within the Oracle Application Server stack as part of the Oracle Internet Directory (OID).

To get familiar with this new product, within the next weeks, I would like to do a setup with the following requirements:

  • use our Microsoft Active Directory as the source user repository
  • provision, through OIM, the OID of our Oracle Portal website
  • provision, through OIM, the userbase of our knowledge base, writtin within HTMLDB/Apex and hosted on an Oracle 10g Database

(to be continued)


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