ApEx Sample Application … Great … But …

Creating the sample application by default is a nice idea within Apex.
It is simple. You define a new workspace, and you get if for free … Great …

When you are a newbie, this application gives you a good idea of the possibilities of the tool.

But after a while it gets annoying to remove each time you make a new workspace that application and especially all those default demo_xxx tables, created in your oracle-schema that owns that workspace.

Did you know that you can suppress that automatic creation of this demonstration application ?

You need to login as Apex Administrator.

Navigate to Manage Service / Manage Environment Settings

In the region “Application Development”, you can switch off the creation of the demonstration objects in new workspaces.

When you still want to play with this sample application afterwards, you can always use the “Application Creation Wizard”. One of the options there is the creation of the demonstration application.


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