SQL Developer and BLOBs

SQL Developer is a very complementary tool to Apex.
Although, you can do all basic SQL stuff via the SQL Workshop in Application Express, sometimes you need a more powerful tool like SQL Developer, especially when you really need to ‘develop’ in SQL and PL/SQL.

One of the SQL features I like about SQL Developer is the possibility to look at the content of a BLOB column.

This feature was very useful during my quest on the content of the flows-files table. And I don’t think other tools like TOAD, SQL Navigator, PL/SQL Developer has those possibilities …

Just by clicking on the blob-column in the result grid, a popup window is opened where you can specify that you want to see the content as text or image.

When this column contains plain text, there is no problem at all to have a look at the content. The following example opens a tab-delimited file.

SQL Developer can even visualize binary images (gif, jpeg, bmp). Very handy …


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  1. Toad can actually handle Blobs quite well – the trick is to make sure you are on a newer version.With Toad, i can insert a record and input a blob by loading a file with a nifty file explorer window.Once in the database, i have the choice of saving as a local file, saving as a file and auto-opening, or viewing the data as text or hex.I’ve even used Toad to setup iTunes to autoplay my BFILE table records.Jeff SmithQuest

  2. Forgot to mention that SQL Navigator can actually view BLOB values as well.You can either save the blob off to a file which auto opens in your image editor or there is a toggle to view as image in the lob viewer.

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