Deploying a User Interface Application to the Oracle Bpel Server:

When you want to access a deployed business proces via a User interface, e.g. a JSP-page, you will use the Oracle Bpel Java API. This Api gives you the possibility to instantiate deployed processes of your Oracle Bpel Server and to get process audit information, etc.
There are several examples available of how to build such a User Interface (Tutorial 102.InvokingProcesses, technet, …) but information about deployment isn’t available.
If you take a look at technet you will find a lot of questions about best practices, errors when instantiating this UI, … so I thought it would be very nice to have a best practice about the deployment-issues of a User Interface application on the Oracle Bpel Server.

Best practice on deployment of a UI-application on the Oracle Bpel Server:

  • Create a new deployment profile, WAR-file
  • In the general-topic (the default shown) choose the second radio-button ‘Specify J2EE Web Context Root’ for the Web Application Context Root. Enter ‘AsyncLoanFlowUI’ for the contextroot.
  • Add following parameter to the platform ‘Standalone OC4J’-node -parent orabpel (otherwise you will need to restart the server to add this parameter manually everytime you redeploy the application to the Oracle Bpel Server, there’s a post about this on Clemens-blog)

  • Right-click the deployment profile and choose to create a new connection, the Application Server Connection Wizard will be shown
    o Connection name: LocalBpelServer
    o Connection Type: Standalone OC4J

You don’t need to have a build.xml-file or application.xml-file, you only need to have a deployment-descriptor in which you’ve added the parent-parameter to be able to access the UI in your Oracle Bpel Server.


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  1. Hi,After creating a jsp file which will call your BPEL process, where do you place the jsp file in your project directory in order for the war file to pick it up when deploying?

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