Using dialog-windows in an ADF Application:

I encountered a very weard problem when testing my adf application using resourcebundles to render the labels and messages in the proper language. All labels/messages were translated properly in my application except for my dialog-page, a popup-window used for List-Of-Values.

After a lot of cursing, re-trying I’ve finally found the issue, which isn’t exactly the behaviour you would expect! You have to put the f:loadBundle tag inside the adf/html tag for the dialog-screen for the main screens this isn’t necessary, but to have internationalization in your dialog-screen you need to put them in that exact order!

The code samples below show you the difference between the dialog-screen code and the main-screen code:

Main-window(code sample):
<f:loadBundle basename=”EPremierUI” var=”uires”/>
<f:view locale=”#{userInfo.locale}”>
<afh:head title=”#{uires[‘eDossiers.title.header’]}”>

Dialog-window (set f:loadBundle tag inside the adf:html tag):
<f:view locale=”#{userInfo.locale}”>
<f:loadBundle basename=”EPremierUI” var=”uires”/>
<afh:head title=”#{uires[‘lovIndieners.header’]}”>

What you have to remember here: In a dialog-screen in ADF you have to set the f:loadBundle tag inside the adf:html tag


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