Apex: XTra4o

Yesterday we released our utility that helps in the translation process of an Apex Application. We gave it the name Xtra4o which stands for “XLIFF Translator for Oracle”.

XML Publisher (or BI Publisher) also uses XLIFF-files to translate their reports. One day, we hope to extend our tool so it will also be able to support the translations for XML Publisher Reports.

Within our company we already used this tool to translate different applications, but only for the languages English, Dutch and French. Therefore, we currently only provide a default dictionary for those languages.

If the tool will be used for other languages, we will be able, with your help, to extend our default dictionaries in the near future…


2 thoughts on “

  1. Nice tool, works well. I tested it with a page of DG Tournament.Is it normal that I can’t see your dictionary? I tried to copy it to mine, but nothing happened (or I couldn’t see it).Will this tool become available as “a download”?Some of my clients don’t allow me to upload parts of the terms they use (as you would find in the xliff file).Thanks,Dimitri

  2. Dimitri,There is a known issue with the “copying of the dictionary”. We will solve this issue asap. The idea is that once you seed a XLIFF for a given source-target language, the default dictionary is created at once for this combination; so no extra copy will be necessary anymore.We did not consider yet the possibility of packaging the tool. This may be a good idea for the future, once the tool becomes stable.

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