Apex Seminar

We, at iAdvise, are now working with Oracle Application Express for almost two years. We have a fixed-team of >8 people daily working within this environment and we realized already several projects.

We also want to share this knowledge to the outside world (e.g. by means of this blog). Therefore we organize, together with Oracle Belgium, our second Apex Seminar at the beginning of next month.

The seminar will be in Dutch. You can find the invitation here and, if you are interested, navigate to our registration page. Of course both the invitation and the registration page are developed in Apex, also the mailing we sent out to our customers and prospects.

What will be discussed during the seminar.

After a small introduction of what Apex is, we show how you can extend the standard functionality of the tool with reusable components which make the development process even faster and error prone.

The second part of the session is dedicated to some case studies and a user testimonial of the different Apex applications we have already built with our Apex team.

The user testimonial is presented by Roularta and deals with the project we realized for them (on time and within budget !). For their “Sportmagazine” we created as a replacement for a non-maintainable MS Access application, an editor for entering weekly all soccer-related data. Based on this data we generate (via SQL Word, see previous post) all kind of classifications that need to be published in their magazine.

We will also show some other cases to illustrate and highlight different features of the tool we already used.

The seminar is closed by a speaker of Oracle Belgium: he will give an explanation on Apex 3.0, the future roadmap and the Ms-Access migration facility.


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