Apex Evangelisation To Do …

As announced in one of my previous blogs our Apex seminar took place yesterday.

More than 50 people registered and came over to the offices at Oracle Belgium to listen to the different presentations, case studies and testimonials. The audience consisted of people with very different profiles: developers, project leaders, managers and decision-makers. We tried to find an equilibrium between the more technical demo’s and the real show cases.

It was not that easy, but – if we may believe the evaluationsheets and the reactions after the sessions – I think we met the expectations of all the attendees.

For those who could not be present, we provide a link where you can download a zip-file with the presentations.

One of the things that striked me the most was the fact that Apex is not yet that well-known as I suspected. We, at iAdvise, are now already working with Apex for almost 2 years; we did different projects. On the internet you see that the community is growing (e.g. Apex on OTN), but not yet in Belgium… Within the audience, there was only two (!) persons (of which one then still of the Netherlands !) who really worked with the tool; in the after-talk one of the people said that she had never heard of Apex before…

So we still have to do some Apex-evangelisation

There is however one common problem where a lot of people struggle with. The often heard remark was: ”We are now working in the traditional Oracle forms, often still in C/S mode. Which direction should we take? Web-forms, knowing that this technology does not have a real future anymore, Jdeveloper with ADF or Oracle Application Express”.

It is my personal believe that Apex is a very good alternative for Oracle Forms, maybe not for all applications, but Apex is also much-much more than an alternative for excel and ms-access (i.e. the way Oracle originally positioned the tool).

I am curious what other people think about this. Feel free to post your comments …


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  1. I was in the audience and I’m not from the Netherlands…and I can assure I already did something with APEX 😉

  2. >Web-forms, knowing that this>technology does not have a real>future anymoreHmm, having a product which has a definitive supported lifetime till 2013 (and I’m sure beyond) has no future anymore? Show me any of the Java Stuff/Frameworks with such a lifetime and such a smooth migration path between the versions and different architectures (CUI => C/S => Web)!Sure I have to admit that there isn’t much development lately, but all this new Oracle “Java” ADF stuff, … is still building all the features we already have in Forms. AJAX and feature rich UI is also not new to Web-Forms, we already had it 1999 (I think). It’s only that at some point in time Oracle marketing shoot themself into the foot… And that’s sad :-(My 2 centsPatrick

  3. I tried the download link, but it does not seem to work.Is the material in English or Dutch (or Flemmish perhaps)?

  4. The material is in English.Can you try the download again ?If you still have problems, send me a mail (jan.huyzentruyt@iadvise.be)

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