Apex, a 4GL-for-the-Web…

Until now, Oracle JDeveloper (with ADF) was always positioned by Oracle Corporation as the successor for Oracle Forms.

Now, with the release of Apex 3.0, it is the first time, — as far as I know — that Oracle Corp. considers ‘openly‘ Apex as an alternative for Forms.

On the restyled Oracle Apex Home on OTN, you can find a small comparison between both tools: both declarative, SQL & PL/SQL driven, … Read the rest of the article here.

Especially, pay attention to the “development status” of both products: Oracle forms is in ‘maintenance mode‘, while Apex is in Active Development‘!


4 thoughts on “Apex, a 4GL-for-the-Web…

  1. I also found this white paper quite interesting when I read it yesterday.Would be interesting what the Forms Product Managers say about this white paper?Patrick

  2. I’ve asked (global) forms product managers Jan Carlin and Grant Ronald to comment on this.I personally think the comparison list has some flaws, so I’m really curious what Oracle will have to say about this…Wouter

  3. FYI The Forms folks are aware of this and in fact provided input on some of the content.Would be interested in what you believe the flaws areDavid

  4. The list has been changed by Oracle to more accurately reflect the differences (and similarities for that matter) between the two tools and the fact that they are actively developing new features for Forms and have plans to continue doing so for the foreseeable future.Wouter

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