Apex: integration of new Google API’s

Google has released 2 new features on it’s AJAX Search API:

  • Blog bar
  • News bar

Both bars allow you to incorporate dynamic content into the layout of your site.

I have tried to implement both features into ApEx and they were succesful. In this blog you can read a step by step guide explaining how to integrate the Blog Bar into your apex application.

The Blog Bar is offered in horizontal and vertical styles. You have the ability to let your users see specific Blog Search results or you can select only blogs specified by yourself.

The first thing you need to do is to register with Google.
Then you can go to Google Blog Bar API page and run the wizard to get the right example code and key. Save the example code and the key so you can use it later.

Now we can implement it into your ApEx page:

Paste your css and javascript code into the html header of your ApEx page but leave the next code out of it:

<div id=”blogBar-bar”>
<span style=”margin:10px;padding:4px;”>Loading…</span>

Now create an empty html region and paste the code you left out of your header into it:

Run your page:

The following example shows a horizontal style(only 1 line):

A working example can be found here.

The following example shows a vertical style:

A working example can be found here.

More info about customizing the google blog API can be found here.


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