Deployment to WebCenter Pre-configured OC4J

Ever wondered how to deploy your first portletized adf application to the ‘Webcenter preconfigured OC4J’ … it’s not documented in the Developer guide and you can’t find it on technet … so what should we do do …

Read further …

When you’ve created your ADF-application and you’ve portletized it to be deployed to your ‘Webcenter preconfigured OC4J’, you need to define the connection to your container (webcenter pre-configured)

This isn’t that easy as I expected because you can’t find the ports listed in the Enterprise Manager Console of the Webcenter pre-configured container. These settings aren’t documented either in the Developer Guide or on technet, so after a lot of searching and trying out we’ve finally figured it out.

There are 2 ways to get the connection-settings used by the ‘Webcenter pre-configured OC4J’:

  • Check out the log-window when shutting down the container in Jdeveloper, the following information is shown:

C:\jdev10132\jdev\extensions\oracle.adfp.seededoc4j. -shutdown -port 22667 -password welcomeShutdown OC4J instance…Executing:
C:\jdev10132\jdk\jre/..\bin\java -jar “C:\jdev10132\j2ee\home\admin.jar”
ormi:// oc4jadmin welcome -shutdown

  • Check out the rmi.xml file which can be found in the following directory




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