Deploying ADF Application to IAS

As you could read in my previous post, ‘Deploying ADF Application to Standalone OC4J’, I’ve faced some problems when trying to deploy the application to a Standalone OC4J.

But the goal is to deploy this application to the production environment which would be an Application Server

When trying to deploy to this environment other problems arrised …

When we took the same deployment plan of the standalone OC4J, which worked splendidly, the deployment failed to the IAS environment.

We still encountered the ‘NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/jbo/JboException’ which arises when you didn’t install the ‘ADF Runtime Installer’ libraries to your environment. The weard problem was that we had run the ADF Runtime Installer on our IAS environment, in the same way has we did for our standalone OC4J and it only worked for OC4J.

After investigating the problem further we found out that the libraries that should be copied by the ADF Runtime Installer, weren’t available on our IAS Environment. The ADF Runtime Installer will copy over all the needed libraries to your IAS/OC4J to be able to run ADF applications on your container. These libraries are copied over to the BC4J-folder of your environment, which isn’t the case for IAS.

What we did was manually copy the libraries (jar-files) from ADF Runtime Installer to our IAS Environment. This means you have to copy the content of the following folders: jlib, lib and redist to your IAS-environment under the IAS_HOME\BC4J folders.

After you’ve done this you’re able to deploy the application to your IAS Environment using the deployment plan you’ve set up for as well the standalone OC4J as IAS.

Because we’re working with Toplink we also have to copy over the xdb.jar file from our toplink-workbench\bin folder to the Toplink folder of IAS. The same step we’ve done for our standalone OC4J, as mentioned in the previous post.


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