Apex: User Interface Defaults

Last week I was formatting a a report column to a specific number format. I asked myself the question If it was not
possible to use a substitution variable like you can for dates with “PICK_DATE_FORMAT_MASK”. I learned that
this wasn’t the case and that I had to search for other solutions.

Jornica pointed me to “User Interface Defaults”, this option can be found under “Shared Components -> User Interface”. You can set default values for your tables and columns in your apex application.

For your table you can set a default “Form Region Title” and a “Report Region Title”. I was suprised when I saw the options for “Column Defaults”:

– Display alignment
– Format Mask
– Help text
– Display sequence
– …

All very nice options that will save me a lot of time when developing. As other users pointed out to me, this option is not very well know yet very useful!


2 thoughts on “Apex: User Interface Defaults

  1. Hi Olivier,in APEX 3.0 it’s possible to use &APPLICATION_ITEM_NAME. in the “Number / Date Format” property of a report column. I think it was a restriction of APEX 2.2 where it didn’t work.Patrick

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