ApEx: Yellow Text Items

Today I came across a strange problem, I received an email of a customer with feedback about an application and the first line was: “Layout is nice but I don’t like the fact that certain text items have a yellow background”. I opened the application looking for yellow text items but I couldn’t find anything yellow so I emailed my customer for a screenshot:

Seeing the yellow text item I first inspected my items looking for something out of the ordinary but I couldn’t find anything special. After searching the internet for some time, I found finally an explanation. A user with the exact same problem posted that he had “google toolbar” causing the problem.

Seeing the screenshot above, I noticed that google toolbar was active. I then phoned my customer with the question for a screenshot without google toolbar:

My problem was found, the browser in question is IE 7.0. After some digging I came across code.jenseng.com where a workaround is explained. I will try some of their suggestions in the next couple of days…


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