Migrate Existing ODI from DEV to TEST to Production

In the previous posts on this Blog you’ve read about my experiences with Oracle Data Integrator and now a new important milestone was reached … import and export the ODI interfaces, datastores, … from DEV-environment to TST-environment.

I’ve asked on OTN what the best way was to accomplish this and different views were given on how to solve this.

You could use import/export functionality from ODI itself, e.g. if you want to partially export a certain interface or datastore, you could export a specific object.
If you want to migrate from DEV-environment to TEST, you could use the import/export functionality from the Oracle Database because my master- and work-repository are stored in an Oracle 10g Database.

I needed to move my development environment onto the test-environment to be able to run the ODI functionality against real-time test data to be able to test the performance more accuratly. Another important raison also was that my development environment, my notebook, had crashed a couple of times already so I needed to back-up all the important data.

What did I do to accomplish this import/export:
– I exported the master- and work repository used by ODI (snpw and snpm-schema’s)
– I copied over the ODI-folder from my program-files folder, just to make sure

After backing-up all other stuff on my laptop, I needed to format my laptop and have a closer look at the problems I was facing concerning my hard-drive etc.

Alea iacta est

A new laptop, a new environment … let’s start installing all needed software and then the time had come to get back up and running with my ODI environment.

First I tried to import the existing Master Repository but the wizard didn’t really guide me a lot during this process so another approach was needed.

At last, the successfull steps to import/export from environment 1 to environment B such as DEV to TEST are the following:

  • Export existing master- and work-repository in a dump-file using Oracle db export feature
  • Import the master- and work-repository into your new schema
  • Create a new connection to the imported master-repository when you connect to the Topology Manager in ODI
  • Create a new connection to the imported work-repository when you connect to the Designer manager in ODI

Now your work is done … if you check out the model- and projects-tab in your Designer-view you will notice all interfaces, datastores, models, etc. are imported successfully.


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