Changing the default password ‘welcome1’ of Oracle Bpel Process Manager

When you’re installing Oracle Software you always need to specify username and password settings for the administrator-profile, such as for Oracle Application Server or Oracle Database.

The same applies when installing Oracle SOA Suite or Oracle Bpel Process Manager Option on Oracle Application Server Entprise Edition.

But there’s a catch here, you need to use the default password ‘welcome1’ when installing Oracle Bpel Process Manager to make sure the default processes for the Worklist Application are deployed succesfully.

The samples provided with Oracle Bpel Process Manager still need to be updated to be able to run them, because the default password ‘welcome1’ is used in the configuration files.

After the Oracle Bpel Process Manager has been installed you can update the administrator-password by performing the following steps:

  • Go to Enterprise Manager of your Oracle SOA Suite or Application Server installation
  • Click on the setup-link on top of the Application Server Control to update the password of the IAS Administrator account, which is ‘oc4jadmin’

  • To change the password of the Bpel-admin users, you need to navigate back to the home page of your Enterprise Manager and click on the OC4J instance which is created for your Bpel Process Manager. Click on the ‘administration’ tab of your OC4J instance

  • Click on the ‘Security Providers’ Task in the Administration Tasks

  • Click on the ‘Instance Level Security’ Button to be able to identify the used realms by the oC4j instance and the defined users and roles in this realm.

  • Click on the Second Tab in this screen to have a look at the used realms by this OC4J instance. The default realm installed is the ‘’ realm. You can add other realms or modify the existing one.

  • To change the passwords of the admin-users you need to click on the Users-link which is shown for the given realm ‘’. In this screen you can then look-up the bpel-admin users and change the default passwords. The admin-users used by bpel are the ‘oc4jadmin’ and ‘bpeladmin’-user.


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