Oracle BPA Suite – An introduction

Oracle Business Process Analysis Suite is a new offering in the Oracle SOA Suite Stack which will bridge the gap between business process analysis and execution.

In short I will resume the most important features which were discussed during the presentation and demo:

  • => loose integration between modeling and execution environments
  • => full round-trip & integration between modeling and execution-platform through unique shared metadata model and Business Process Blue Print


  • Rapid prototyping of business requirements into bpel executables
  • IT can propose changes to business flow and executables and business can approve/reject changes in BPA
  • Continuous collaboration between business and IT during business process lifecycle
  • Local or Remote repositories can be used to enable multiple users working in a shared environment
  • Log in to BPA with different roles such as business analyst, data flow modellers, …
  • Process Participants can be mapped to existing user repositories, such as LDAP
  • No proprietary steps are being performed during the process lifecycle, everything is standards’ based BPMN methodology
  • Human Task Workflow-activities will use the same workflow patterns which you’re already familiar with in BPEL Designer
  • Oracle Business Process Publisher can be used by the business to get a real-time view on the defined processes in the shared repository :
  • When e-mail notification is configured, business users can share their thoughts, feedback with the BPA users
  • Jdeveloper has extended functionality when creating bpel processes : Use Blue Print made available in BPA Server, in the shared repository, to create bpel process on existing blue print.
  • Merge changes made in BPA and Jdeveloper using the BPA-shared metadata model

In short BPA-Suite offers the whole business process lifecycle from analysis to implementation using a shared metadata repository.


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