Showcase Rad Race

As promised a little view of the application we build during the RAD Race. The application offers day care services. Both day care centers as parents can register and use the system.

A day care center registers and puts out some offers with certain dates that children can stay. Parents can search offers and put out their own demands. Every night the system will calculate the top 5 offers that match the parent demands and email them.

Although not viewable here, every action a parent/day care center makes is logged into the system and emails are also being send.

I made 2 shorts videos of the basic action a day care center / parent will do so you can have a quick look into the application.

A video of a day care center logging in can be downloaded here

A video of a parent logging in can be downloaded here


One thought on “Showcase Rad Race

  1. Slightly off topic question I hope you wont mind answering please? What software did you use to record the AVIs and would you recommend it?Thanks,CM.

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