Oracle Open World – New Integration Solution Offering

Sunday morning I went to a session regarding Application Integration Architecture, the new Oracle integration-solution offering.

The session was given by Selim Burduroglu of the IOUG Group.

During this session Selim was going to explain the SOA and Integration strategy of Oracle.
The goal : Nothing proprietary in AIA or SOA Suite, every technology, layer, approach is standards-based.

As you would have noticed already in the different presentations given by Oracle regarding Oracle Soa Suite or Oracle Application Server => the main goal is: pick your flavor ;o) You can choose any Application Server you want, any database you want …

The Application Integration Architecture proposal holds 5 different tiers, from top-to-bottom:
– Integrated UI Tier (J2EE (webcenter, adf), apex, Forms)
– Process Tier
(Process Integration Packs-offering)
– Virtual Service Tier (Services
– Data Management Tier (Oracle Data Integrator)
– Application Tier (Oracle Apps, legacy or third party applications)

Now what is a PIP, a Process Integration Pack exactly: the PIP holds all the needed logic, adapters, processes, business objectsd, business services for a given business requirement. To give you an example: you want to integratie Siebel with your existing services, which can be a bpel process, a webservice, well this is all packaged in a given PIP.

What are the Common Objects & Services being delivered with AIA:
– Enterprise Business Object: an object that describes your common data model throughout the business in a unified way (an xsd)
– Enterprise Business Service (EBS): A service that interacts with your business object, transforms and routes to other EBSes where necessary
– Services Repository / Enterprise Service Repository: A catalog of all the different business processes/services which are inside your company’s portfolio.

The Enterprise Business Object (EBO) can be described in any given format used by your businerss analyst or architects, such as UML Class Diagrams, …

In the AIA the Application Business Connector Services will map the Enterprise Business Object to an Application Object used by partners, third-party applications which will transparently transform the data to your needs.

In this AIA Oracle also offers the needed tools and methodology to guide you through the entire development lifecycle.

– Business Services Repository for SOA Governance
– Composite Application Validation Systems to provide the needed unit- and regression testing throughout your application integration lifecycle
– Common Error Handling & Diagnostics

No Unified versioning mechanism is made available yet in this release, but my comment has been noted ;o)

– AIA Developers Guide which gives you a blue print on the process definition, integration standards, design patterns and extensions you can define.


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