ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2008

Thursday night I got this fantastic news:

“Dear Karen:
Congratulations! Your abstract,
Use the Power of Apex Dictionary Views to Increase the Quality of Your Apex Applications,
has been accepted for presentation at ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2008, June 15-19, in New Orleans, Louisiana.”

Wauw!! A range of emotions ran through me. I go to New Orleans, the city from the gospel and the jazz!

It’s the first time I go to a foreign country to give a presentation, so you understand that I’m very excited to be one of the selected speakers at ODTUG! This is a wonderful opportunity!

The Apex-core team at iAdvise has developed their own QA-tool on top of the Apex Repository to guard the quality of our application guidelines and conventions. I will bring this case together with my colleague Jan Huyzentruyt. We already did a lot of presentations together in Belgium, but it is the first time we are doing it abroad …

So, we are looking forward going to New Orleans and we are honoured being on the list of speakers together with big names like Tom Kyte, Steven Feuerstein, Mark Rittman, Carl Backstrom, Patrick Wolf, …

Hope to see you there!


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