APEX versus ADF

When talking about User Interfaces, Rapid Application Development (RAD), AJAX-like features such as Drag-and-Drop functionality a lot of frameworks pop up.

When you’re looking at Frameworks and tooling and vendor-specific solutions you could think of APEX, Application Development Framework (ADF), ADF Rich Client Components, Trinidad, …

To be able to compare these products, we’ve tried to build a matrix of features and how these features are managed in APEX and ADF.

We’re talking about 10.1.3 features, not yet about 11g because these aren’t production ready yet. 11g is very promissing about web 2.0 functionality and more service oriented approach, but for now let’s stick to what we have.

Feel free to comment, add features, add comparisons …


2 thoughts on “APEX versus ADF

  1. What about putting Oracle Forms in your comparison list (which you obviously copied from the Apex – Forms comparision list on OTN)?Just neglecting Forms as a whole isn’t really fair, wouldn’t you agree? At the moment Forms’ install base = (Apex+ADF install base) * n 😉

  2. Hi,Can you give me your input on how forms would compare to apex and ADF in this matrix, It would be great if you could give us your input on this matter.I’m not neglecting Forms at all, I’m just not experienced with this technologie to be able to compare Forms to these other technologies.If you can give me some input on this, that would be great.

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