How to enlarge the disk size of a VM drive?

For a client of ours we had to create a test in VMWARE but at a certain moment we noticed that the VM was running out of space, so we had to try to enlarge the disk size of the VM.

It is rather simple if you know it. In fact it is just an .exe file that you will have to run.

The steps:
Look in your VM for the VM that you want to enlarge.
Select it and double click on the disk that you want to enlarge.

Now you get the properties of this disk, remember the disk file and go to your explorer window and go to the directory of this VM, just to make sure that this file really exists.

If you are working on windows open a dos cmd(Start -> Run)
For the solution read more…

Now go to the VMWARE program directory in windows this is something like C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Workstation
In this directory you will have to start the script that will enlarge the disk space of your VM-drive.

The command will look like: vmware-vdiskmanager.exe -x 19GB “F:\VMWare\Webcenter\test.vmdk” where 19GB will be the new size of your VM-drive.
You will see an indicator with the percentage of growth.

With this exe file it is also possible to shrink, create, defragment, rename, … VM-disks


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