Apex Seminar

End of this month we organize together with Oracle Belgium our annual seminar on Apex.

For more then 3 years we are doing projects with Oracle Application Express and want to share our knowledge and our experience with the Oracle community.

In the first part of the seminar we will give first a small introduction on the product, its positioning and architecture. Next we will give an overview of the different kind of applications you can build with Apex from internet- over extranet- to intranet or back-office applications. Where possible we will refer to applications we already realized.

After a break we will explain our Apex Development Approach. This is a very pragmatic approach and can be considered as an assemblage of standards, guidelines, tips, standard solutions and custom-developed tools (like xTra4o, QA, …).

In between we will give a demo of the most important new features of the latest version Apex 3.1.

All presentations will be in Dutch. Belgium customers that want to join the seminar, can subscribe here.


3 thoughts on “Apex Seminar

  1. Hi All, Actually i defined two bpel processes .First one is puting message into Queue and receive message from reply Queue. Second Bpel Process Recive the message from Queue and puting message back to response Queue. In first Bpel process iam unable to get the reply message from reply queue. It goes to waiting consume message state.Please any one can help me , i already set the corelation ID’s on first bpel invoke activity and receive activity’s. Please anybody reply me how can i fix this issue. ThanksRamkishore

  2. Hi Ramkishore,Can you define how your bpel process is set-up, are you using AQ Adapters or JMS Queues and which message type are you using, xml messages, …I need more specifics to be able to help you further.Kind regards,Nathalie

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