Oracle BI ODBC-connection [SQORAS32]

I have locally installed a 10gR2-database which I have patched to an (Patch-nr: 5337014)

I would create a new System Data Source Name to import tables from the HR-scheme. When we configure a new ODBC data source connection, we get following error:

SQORAS32 – An unsupported operation was attempted

SQORA32 is a dll-file that will be called if you select Oracle 10gR2 as driver to set up a data source.

We download patch-nr 5699495 from metalink and follow the instructions below.

Part 1 – Exploding the Kit onto your system:

  • Expand the self-extracting archive file onto your hard drive.
  • Extract contents of the archive, then unzip the contents of the .zip file into a new directory.

Part 2 – Installation instructions:

This section assumes the following:

  1. Oracle client has already been installed on your system, and the RDBMS version patch # 5337014 has been applied.
  2. Part 1 has been completed.

Installation Instructions:
Once the self-extracting archive file has been exploded it will create an directory structure as shown below on your hard drive.

The directory structure after unzipping and where the files to be copied are shown below. should be replaced with the directory of your 10.2 Oracle Home. IE. c:\Oracle10.2.0\db


  • ORA10203\bin\sqora32.dll —> <ORACLE_HOME>\bin
  • ORA10203\bin\sqoras32.dll —> <ORACLE_HOME>\bin
  • ORA10203\bin\sqresus.dll —> <ORACLE_HOME>\bin
  • ORA10203\ODBC\html\ODBCRelnotesUS.htm —> <ORACLE_HOME>\ODBC\html\
  • ORA10203\ODBC\readme.txt —> <ORACLE_HOME>\ODBC\html\
  • ORA10203\ODBC\mesg\oraodbus.msb —> <ORACLE_HOME>\ODBC\mesg\

We solved the problem and now we can create a new ODBC-connection.


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