Our ODTUG presentation about the QA-tool

Like Nathalie Roman announced in the previous blog I had the honour to give my first presentation abroad last Monday at the Big Easy.

It was Jan Huyzentruyt’s idea to work out an Apex QA-tool for our company. Because we wanted to share our idea with the other Apex-adepts we submitted our abstract “Use the Power of APEX Dictionary Views to Increase the Quality of Your APEX Applications”.

Nathalie was our ambassador. She welcomed the audience and she introduced us. First I explained our Apex Development Approach: the broader context in which our quality system originated. With different steps and life demonstrations in between I then showed how the QA-tool evolved from basic to a customizable QA system.

The audience was very attentive and enthusiastic. More than 50 people attended our session. Everything went well until Murphy dropped in. Because of a broken socket we had problems with the power supply.

At the end of the presentation and also afterwards we got a lot of positive feedback: nice presentation, great idea, you should bring it out, … ! Well, we will make it available as soon as possible.

It really was a great experience to present on ODTUG!

For those who attended our session, we hope you enjoyed the presentation!
People who weren’t at ODTUG can download the paper and the presentation from our company website www.iadvise.be.

CU at OOW!


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