The Apex Development Workplace

We talked about “The Apex Project Workplace” during our presentation at ODTUG Kaleidoscope. This workplace could look like something as presented on the following picture:

The desk, where a developer is working, is like a workbench where all necessary materials are available that can help to efficiently guide and increase the productivity of the development process.

In your development environment, you should always be looking for manners to improve the productivity of your work: do it quicker, but don’t compromise the quality of your work. The latter is one of the reasons why we started our QA-Viewer-for-Apex.

Therefore, my favorite — and in my opinion — the most useful Apex session at the conference was given by Patrick Wolf.

He showed how you can write quicker and better code by extending the “toolset” within your apex development workplace with “open source” tools. On the one hand, Patrick demonstrated a set of tools around Mozilla Firefox which are useful for any webdevelopment (Firebug, WebDeveloper, Yslow and Live HTTP Header). On the other hand, Patrick developed his own extensions on top of the Apex Application Builder: the ApexLib, the Apex Builder plug in and Apex Essentials. Probably you can read more about in on other blogs or on Patrick’s site

Bottom line is, that everybody should consider to add this tools to his Apex development workplace.


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