Case at Oracle SOA Partner Community Forum

On August 26th and 27th, the Oracle SOA Partner Community forum will be held in Utrecht, The Netherlands. During this event, technical sessions as well as partner success stories are presented throughout the community forum. We were invited to bring our customer case study of Forms modernization using web services and ESB.
The story: Empowering Oracle Forms within a SOA Architecture: The case of ZLM.

During this forum you can learn from success stories of partners, join different breakout sessions, gain information from other SOA partners and listen to a vibrate panel discussion.

Additionally to the SOA Partner Community Forum, you can participate in technical hands-on workshops for BPA, SOA and J2EE Infrastructure, on August 28th and 29th. The goal of these workshops is to prepare you for customer implementations.

You can find the paper, case itself on the following locations:


2 thoughts on “Case at Oracle SOA Partner Community Forum

  1. Dr. Chris Harding is Forum Director for SOA and Semantic Interoperability at The Open Group. He has been with The Open Group for ten years and is currently responsible for managing and supporting its work on semantic interoperability and SOA. Before joining The Open Group, he was a consultant, and a designer and development manager of communications software. Chris is a certified TOGAF practitioner.Chris will conduct a workshop on ‘Using TOGAF for SOA’ at the SOA Conference at Business Technology Summit 2008, held in Bangalore from 22-24 September. This workshop will explore in depth how to develop a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) using The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF). SOA is the architecture style of choice for enterprises looking for agility in their IT systems. But it is not a “one size fits all” approach. It can be applied in different ways to meet the needs of different enterprises. To do this successfully, an architect must have knowledge, skill, and good judgement. TOGAF is an industry standard architecture framework that has been developed and continuously evolved since the mid-90’s by representatives of some of the world’s leading IT customer and vendor organizations, working in The Open Group’s Architecture Forum. No framework can take the place of skill and judgement, but TOGAF gives an architect knowledge that has been accumulated by others working in many different architectural styles. Over the last two years, members of The Open Group have been working on how to apply TOGAF to SOA. Workshop participants will gain an understanding of SOA features and building blocks, of the TOGAF architecture development method, and of how to use TOGAF to create SOAs for their enterprises.

  2. When Technologies Mean Business, Participation Means Advantage. The schedule for Business Technology Summit has been announced. The theme of this year's summit is Riding the Workhorse IT Hockey Stick, featuring a convergence of four co-located tracks that have been identified as the power team for Workhorse IT — SOA & Web Services, SaaS/PaaS, Enterprise Content Management and Virtualisation. View the complete schedule here Strategic, Technical and Business Insights at BT Summit 2008, Bangalore Edition:* Dr. Chris Harding of The Open Group will present straight from the source a deep dive workshop on Using TOGAF for SOA.* Alan Pelz-Sharpe will put ECM and SOA through the SWOT Grind, speak about Email Archiving and Discovery, and lead a workshop on Selecting the Best ECM System.* Peter Coffee will show you how to Code In the Cloud as well as lead a deep dive workshop on Enterprise Readiness for the Cloud* Dr. Matjaz Juric, CEO of the SOA Competency Center, will conduct a hands-on workshop on BPMN to BPEL Modeling Business Processes for SOA and three focused sessions on SOA Architectural Patterns, SOA and BPM, and Designing Reusable Service Interfaces* Dr. Robert Marcus, Author of the Global Grid, will present the State of the Union – SOA Standards and lead a deep dive workshop on Future Distributed Computing Architectures and the Role of SOA* Nitin Borwankar will show you How to Find the Silver Lining in Cloud Services and lead a deep dive workshop on Affordable Data Analytics and Data WarehousingBusiness Technology Summit is your chance to refresh, pick up new tips and techniques, and network with your peers to find solutions to the most pressing business technology issues today.The four technology tracks at the summit offer complimentary synergistic for a robust IT infrastructure that you cannot afford to ignore in your quest for business technology success.REGISTER NOW FOR AS LOW AS INR 2999/-:

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