OOW – Oracle BPM Studio

Following an hands on lab regarding BPM Studio was really interesting for me, because I’m a firm believer of Oracle BPA Suite and I’m using it in day-to-day projects in Europe today.

So my big question was … what’s BPM Studio all about, and what will it offer that I don’t already have when using Oracle BPA Suite. Well I have to say, I still don’t know exactly how these 2 products will work together. So let’s have a quick overview of the different parts of BPM that got my attention on performing the hands-on lab.

The big difference in BPM Studio is the different contexts in which users will work depending on their skill-set and their responsibilities within the team.

You have 3 kinds of views within the ‘Eclipse’-environment – BPM Studio uses Eclipse as it’s IDE – you can be a ‘Business Analyst’, a ‘Business Architect’ or a ‘Business Developer’.
Depending on your responsibilities and your view you will get a different context within the IDE so only those components, views and perspectives are shown that are of importance for your skill-set.

The ability to add swimlanes, add activies, add components is more straight-forward than in BPA, but you’re not really using the BPMN Specs and best practices your used to working with as a BPMN Engineer.

When you’ve defined your process flow you can already test it, simulate it, within the environment and follow the process lifecycle using dashboards, charts, …

So the big value is that within one environment you have all the different artifacts you need to define a process, to deploy a process, to simulate a process (using KPI’s) and to monitor the process’ execution.

I will need to take a look at it to be able to have a clear comparison of strengths and weaknesses of both environments to be able to see the value in both of these products.


2 thoughts on “OOW – Oracle BPM Studio

  1. I found you comparison between Oracle’s Studio and Suite very interesting as I recently made a similar comparison between products.I was looking for a product that would allow me to map process flows and create swimlanes etc. within one environment. I was using an old version of Appian’s software and became extremely frustrated as I could not perform these tasks.I was directed to Interfacing Technology Coporation’s website by a colleague and found there product to be exceptional. Not only could all of the tasks you mentioned be performed within one environment but the program was incredibly intuitive and easy to use regardless of your skillset/technical background. In addition, Interfacing’s Enterprise Process Center uses the most up to date BPMN specs and even had a free download that could be used through Microsoft Visio. It’s about time a company started using BPM software to it’s full potential.

  2. Hi,Could you tell me which features you’ve compared towards other vendors to make the decision for Interfacing Technology Coporation’s?All the features you’ve described so far can be delivered within BPA Suite and the extra advantage is the round tripping.The analysis of manual business processes towards automated business processes can be generated as an executable process from BPA Suite. In other words the analysis and the implementation are a 1-to-1 mapping of the business’ and ict’ expactations.This is the greatest benefit for me because now you always had the use cases (500 pages long) which weren’t aligned with wath was actually developed because the developer had another idea than the analyst. Maybe you can remember these situations as well, for me it’s not that a common practice anymore when people have changed their mindset are thinking in terms of processes instead of functionalities and silo’s.

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