Oracle Bpel Process Manager – New Features

The latest release of SOA Suite and BPA Suite has been released for a while now, so you’re probably wondering, what’s in it for us …

Well let’s have a look at the new features in Oracle Bpel Process Manager

  • Ability to represent real load, to represent the engine behaviour and to know what’s actually going on. Go to the administration-tab in your bpel control and drill down into pools to have message details => a dynamic page for threading, updated in real-time
  • Statistics are now displayed on process map level and aggregated per process instance => Go to the Analytics-tab in Bpel Control Page
  • To miminize XML Coding errors you now have the ‘Validate XML’-tab in your BPEL Console
  • What about those lost instances, you’ve instantiated a process but you can’t find the instance anymore => Audit trail persistence is moved to a separate thread which will prevent losing all data for a given thread when rollback occurs
  • You want to open up a Service Request for an issue you’re running into, but you need all diagnostics to be able to log the problem properly => Go to the ‘diagnostics’-tab in your BPEL Console to collect support information
  • When you’ve defined your Bpel process and your going through release-management you had to manually update wsdl’s, configuration files, etc. to be able to point to the different environments (development, test, qa, production, etc.) => using a deployment plan you can now deploy your bpel process to any environment without the hastle of manually having to change your process parameters => Take a BPEL Suitcase and go to the deployment plan, in this manner you will define a deployment plan for each environment.

Those are big improvements for as well developers, as administrators and especially for troubleshooting.


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