Apex Course – a Bit Different

I’m one of the iAdvise Apex-trainers, a small group of Oracle Consultants that besides their daily job, also give an apex course from time to time.

I’ll get this question every few months, but last time was rather unusual. Would you mind giving this course in Suriname? This country in South America is located over 7000 km from iAdvise. Suriname used to be a colony of The Netherlands, and one of the few places with Dutch as the mother of tongue… which is why they preferred to work with us. It was starting to get colder here, so I didn’t mind a little trip to a tropical country. A few weeks later the deal was made and I was ready to go.

This wasn’t going to be our average 3-day basic course. Going through all this trouble of getting me there, they wanted to know everything about it, so we added 2 days filled with advanced topics.

It was a challenge, because of the diverse group. Some had experience with Apex, others had years of experience with Forms but most of them where access developers. Before I left I had send some training material for them to study so we could move though the basics a bit faster.
For the 2 days of advanced topics most time was spend on my 2 favourite subjects: security and performance. While it’s not that difficult to create an application, it’s very easy to create one full of security flaws. You shouldn’t call yourself an Apex developer if you don’t know all about SSP, sql injection and all of those other treats.
The time that was left, we used to set up their first projects. Designing your application is probably the most important step.

I’m sure they’ll be excellent Apex developers in no time.


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