Oracle for Newbies

On Wednesday iAdvise gave an Oracle seminar at the headquarters of Oracle Belgium in Brussels. That’s not THE big news of course, but for this seminar our audience was different. This time we focused the “newbies”, people who‘ve never or hardly heard about Oracle.

With this seminar we wanted to debunk the myths that:

  • Oracle is expensive
  • Oracle is only for the “big” companies
  • Oracle is difficult to install and has steap lurning curve

With life installations and life demo’s we convinced our public. Therefore we only used FREE Oracle products, like Oracle XE Database, Oracle Application Express (Apex) and SQL Developer. We installed the Oracle software life during the seminar. We created a database for a fleet of cars and developed a complete web application in less than no time to manage cars, traffic offences and car accidents. We showed the most important and powerful functionalities of Apex and we even included security.

During the seminar we showed:

  • How easily and quickly you can install the Oracle XE Database and Apex
  • How fast and flexible you can set up a database structure with SQL Developer or Apex
  • How you can create a powerful and professional web application with Apex in no time
  • How Apex is based on a extremely simple architecture
  • How fast you can deploy the application using SQL Developer or Apex
  • How dirt-cheap all these topics are thanks to the free Oracle products

Oracle users already knew this, but at the end of the seminar the “newbies” were also convinced: Oracle is fun !

With the motto “When you hear you forget, when you see you remember, when you do you understand” iAdvise will organize a “Power Day”. During that day we will guide “newbies” while they try this out by theirself.
Are you interested in the “Oracle for Newbies” presentation slides or would you like to have more information about our Power Day? Please contact us at


5 thoughts on “Oracle for Newbies

  1. Karen, interested in hearing more about this; can you email me at justin dot kestelyn at oracle dot com?Justin KOracle Technology Network

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