Collaboration between ICT Companies and High Schools/Universities

When companies are looking for new young potential, what’s the potential they’re looking for? What are the companies’ needs regarding soft skills, technical skills, communication skills, …

More and more high schools and Universities in Europe are broudening their courses and program for ICT. This month KDG high school in Antwerp organized informal workshops and a getting-acquanted day for companies and teachers to talk about this topic.

Different ICT companies, networking organisations and independent software vendors attended these workshops to talk about the needs of their companies today and in the future.

It was a very pleasant and informal way for each attendee to have an insight in today’s business and how high schools and universities can adjust their program to better answer these needs.

The discussion I would like to start with this blog is:

What do you expect from your young potentials?

  • How do you coach them and which programs do you offer when they start working for your company?
  • Do you have some sort of a ‘Skill Matrix’ where you can denote in which level of expertise they are at that time and how you can augment this in a given period of time?
  • Do you offer guided learning paths and courses tailored for them?
  • What’s the level of expertise you need in soft skills, communication skills and technical skills?
  • What’s the knowledge or expertise you’re missing now and in the future?

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