Oracle for Newbies, Power Day

In December you have probably read on this blog about our “Oracle for Newbies” seminar. As posted there we wanted to convince newbies that Oracle is not expensive, nor difficult. With free Oracle products (Oracle XE database, Application Express and SQL Developer) we showed how fast you can set up flexible database structures and professional web applications.

As previously announced there will be a follow-up on this seminar: on Monday, February 9th, iAdvise will organize a Power Day. It will be a very practical and interactive day on which participants will get the opportunity to try out everything. We will guide the participants when they are installing the Oracle software and we will help them while they are creating and deploying their first applications. After this session the attendees will be able to develop their own powerful and professional web applications.

Our objective for this Power Day is that newbies can learn Oracle on a pleasant way! We will keep you informed!

For more information about our Power Day, please contact us at


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