Oracle 4 Newbies: thé Powerday

After our ‘Oracle for Newbies’ seminar, we invited all attendees for a Powerday. The participants would get the opportunity to try out everything we had shown in the seminar. Last Monday we started our Powerday with 11 curious attendees.

The ‘half a day’ – Powerday consisted of 3 parts: 1) the installation of Oracle Express Edition and an upgrade to the last Oracle Application Express version, 2) building a wizard driven application and 3) building and modifying manually some apex functionality.

For the installation part, we asked every attendee to bring his own portable. We planned to have the software successfully installed on every pc in one hour. And yes, they all did it. After 1 hour and 10 minutes, everybody had an Oracle database with Apex 3.1 up and running!

For the second part, we gave a demo on how to create a wizard-based application. Now it was up to them! We provided some excel sheets with the data. Starting from these excel sheets, thanks to the ease of Oracle Application Express, they managed to create the Oracle data model, fill the tables with the excel data and create a web application to do all possible data manipulation. And again… One hour later, they all had their first own Apex application up and running.

In the last part of our Powerday, we did some more advanced and ‘not so wizard-driven’ stuff like modifying or adding some functionality in the application, implementing blob functionality (upload and download of images), implementing security (authorization) and lots of other nice things. Not only ‘we’ did all this, at the end of the day, they all had these features implemented in their application.

All participants were enthusiast, and hopefully we convinced them to start using Oracle and Apex.


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