Grid Enabled SOA

When talking about SOA or Web Services, most of the time a drawback that everybody knows is the performance issues when calling web services. The xml payload can become huge when you’re invoking the web service several times, or you don’t handle the xml data correctly.

Enabling grid functionality when using SOA or implementation your integration project, can spice up the performance and handle memory allocation more correctly.

The SOA GRID uses Oracle Coherence as an in Memory grid solution to provide high-speed in-memory access to continually available service state data without the need for disk persistence.

What can this GRID do for our SOA projects?

  • State-aware availability of services
  • Primary/backup synchronization via datamodel
  • Asynchronous database updates
  • Relocatable bpel processes (activate/rehydrate bpel process where other service resides)
  • ESB will process, transform and hold state
  • No need to define a new bus because all info is already available such as the data, the source/target, …

For more information regarding Grid-enabled SOA, have a look at OTN.


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