Force page submits when paginating via selectlist

This is an extension for my previous post, how to not only submit via the next and previous links, but also via select.

This might not be the best solutions, and improvements are possible, but it’s a good startpoint. We will replace the #TEXT#-variable of Apex with our own generated html-code.

You need to add 3 extra lines in your sql-query to get the information you need, these columns don’t need to be displayed:

You will need to create a function that create our html-code, and an application-item to store the result in. My app-item will be API_SELECT and my function will be f_get_report_vars. The code will be shown below.

Next we have 2 modification in the report template.

We need to retrieve our total number of rows, our current displayed rows and our rows per page. I changed the column template 1 condition to PLSQL and added f_set_reportvars(‘#API_ROWNUM#’,’#API_TOTALROWS#’,’#API_RPP#’) = 0.

0 is a dummy value so my evalution is always TRUE. It might not be the correct place to do this, because it wasn’t designed to be used like this and the function is execute for every displayed row, instead of just once. (Suggestions are welcome)

Next step is changing the pagination template, which is default empty or
&ltspan class=”instructiontext”>#TEXT#&lt/span>
and use our app-item
&ltspan class=”instructiontext”>&API_SELECT.&lt/span>

And the function making this magic happen would be:

create or replace
FUNCTION f_set_reportvars(pin_rownum IN NUMBER
,pin_total_rows IN NUMBER
,pin_rpp IN NUMBER
lv_select VARCHAR2(1000);
ln_from NUMBER;
ln_to NUMBER;
ln_sets NUMBER;
ln_page_id NUMBER := apex_util.get_session_state(‘APP_PAGE_ID’);
ln_app_id NUMBER := apex_util.get_session_state(‘APP_ID’);
ln_session NUMBER := apex_util.get_session_state(‘SESSION’);
ln_region_id NUMBER;
–optional, set variables for other usage

–get region id, when more then one report per page you need a tag in your static_id
SELECT region_id
INTO ln_region_id
FROM apex_application_page_regions
WHERE application_id = ln_app_id
AND page_id = ln_page_id
AND source_type = ‘Report’
/*AND static_id LIKE ‘MYTAG%’*/;

–define number of row ranges
ln_sets := CEIL(pin_total_rows/pin_rpp);
–when more then 1 row range, create select list
IF ln_sets > 1 THEN
lv_select := ‘&ltselect id=”X01_’||ln_region_id
||'” onchange=”doSubmit(”f?p=’||ln_app_id||’:’||ln_page_id||’:’||ln_session
||’:pg_R_’||ln_region_id||’:NO&pg_min_row=”+this.options[selectedIndex].value+”&pg_rows_fetched=_’||pin_rpp||”’);” size=”1″ name=”X01″>’;
–make an option in the select list for every row range
FOR i IN 1..ln_sets LOOP
ln_from := ((i-1)*pin_rpp)+1;
ln_to := LEAST((i*pin_rpp),pin_total_rows);
–make difference between current row range and others
IF pin_rownum BETWEEN ln_from AND ln_to THEN
lv_select :=lv_select||’&ltoption selected=”selected” value=”current”>Row(s) ‘||ln_from||’-‘||ln_to||’ of ‘||pin_total_rows||’&lt/option>’;
lv_select :=lv_select||’&ltoption value=”‘||ln_from||’&pg_max_rows=’||pin_rpp||'”>’||ln_from||’-‘||ln_to||’ of ‘||pin_total_rows||’&lt/option>’;
–close select-tag
lv_select := lv_select||’&lt/select>’;
–set application item with select list
apex_util.set_session_state(p_name => ‘API_SELECT’
,p_value => lv_select);
–return dummy


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