OWB 11G ( – Overall Goal, new features, installation guidelines

The overall goal :

Integrate the OWB technical stack with the 11g database. This simplifies the OWB installation by incorporating it as a database option during database installation.

Additional goals include:

  • Not requiring SYSDBA credentials at OWB installation time
  • Requiring only one OWB schema per Oracle Database instance
  • Requires only a single Control Center Service for the database instance, serving the OWBSYS schema.
  • The single unified repository enables maintaining a single copy of OWB database objects in OWBSYS (tables, views, PL/SQL packages, and so on).

Features (also available in the OWB patch):

  • Versioning of Type 2 SCDs: Hierarchy versioning supports multiple hierarchies. Hierarchy versioning is not enabled by default for type 2 SCDs (slowly changing dimensions). You must use the Data Object Editor to enable hierarchy versioning.
  • Set-based DELETE in Mapping Code Generation: You can design a mapping with the loading type set to DELETE and code generation set to SET BASED.
  • Merge Optimization for Table Operators: You can enable the Merge Optimization property for table operators. When set to true, this property optimizes the invocation or execution of expressions and transformations in the MERGE statement.
  • DML Error Logging to Handle Error Tables: DML error logging is available for set-based maps.

When Do You Need Stand-alone Installation?
The OWB 11g stand-alone installation is required only if you must:

  • Deploy to an Oracle Database 10g, release 2 target
  • Perform Discoverer deployment

The stand-alone DVD is bundled with the 11g database pack.


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