ODTUG first day ApEx roundup

The ApEx Symposium on the first day of ODTUG is over. It was a great day full of very interesting presentations. The day started with Joell Kallman presenting the keynote: Application Express: Ahead of the Curve. A very interesting and amusing presentation about the possible future of ApEx.

After Joell it was my time to present ‘APEX at Brussels Airport‘. I had a limited time slot of 30 minutes but at the end I had a good feeling about my presentation. Seeing I got several questions after the presentation, I hope I helped some people with giving them new ideas for possible technical solutions.

During the symposium I saw some very nice presentations giving all sorts of approaches for developing ApEx applications. At the end of the day there was an ApEx Panel Discussion with:
David Peak
– Joell Kallman
Patrick Wolf
John Scott

Everyone (including moderator Scott Spendolini) got a chance to ask questions about ApEx with some interesting discussions following.

I’m looking forward to monday where Michael Hitchwa will be presenting Oracle Application Express 4.0.


2 thoughts on “ODTUG first day ApEx roundup

  1. Hi,I really wanted to attend this year's ODTUG (I loved the New Orleans OTDUG last year), but funding has dried up.Is there any chance a copy of your presentation might make it onto the web?Thanks,Stew

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