Forms isn’t dead!

This is it…my first blog entry!

And by this I want to say that Forms isn’t dead 🙂

I’m still convinced that Forms is one of the most suitable environments for data entry applications(Prove me wrong).

Some of you think it’s old fashioned or maybe antique.
But there are still companies choosing for an Oracle Forms environment, even to create new applications.
Using Pluggable Java Components, Java Beans, webservices,… it’ll be a pretty modern application.

And now there’s even the new version: Forms 11g(I told you Forms isn’t dead).
From now on Forms can “react” to external events(Asynchronous Web Services, BPEL, JMS) with the “When-event-raised” trigger.
I’m looking forward to work with it.
For those who want to install Forms 11g, check out Jan Carlin’s blog

I know it’s a bit daring to talk about Forms on a blog that is usualy visited for SOA, APEX and other “newer” technologies.

But I hope that my future posts will indicate that there is still a Forms future.

4 thoughts on “Forms isn’t dead!

  1. Ok, it isn't dead but in a coma. Same thing for APEX. Both are not fusion and strategy important for Oracle. Maybe Oracle must sell it or donate it to the open source community then an other player can make it big.thanks Edwin

  2. Forms is the fastest way to work with Oracle Database. You program directly in pl/sql and can query without any wrapper. There is no other enviorement were you could develop a management application faster.Forms will never die.

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