Scrum, getting started…

These are my first days as Scrum Master.
The mission is clear, introduce Scrum in the Project and, at the same time, guide the Project Management Team to start using Scrum.

The first days on site it became clear that this is not going to be Scrum from the book!

A Scrum project starts with defining the Product Backlog, which comes from the User Stories, defined by the business. This concept is well known over here. It’s the way they do it that makes it special.

Writing the User Stories will be done as a Scrum project, a Scrum project within a Scrum project so to speak. Maybe not even a bad idea to start out with, but …
What about priorities? You cannot label a User Story as less important; they all have to be written before they can be prioritized.

The area’s for which the User Stories have to be written are defined, and it is also defined which area’s get priority. This way, three priorities can be defined
1. The stories that have to be ready before end September;
2. The stories that have to be ready mid October
3. The stories due after mid October.These represent 20% of the functionality, and are less important.
Thus we will start with the first priority User Stories; these have to be done by end next week, that is a short Sprint …


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