Forms 11g javascript integration: Call others

Forms 11g holds a lot of interesting new features focused on event-driven architecture, one of these is javascript integration. There are two ways of using javascript with Forms 11g: “call others” and “let others call you”.

Javascript can call code in Forms(“Let others call you”) using the new forms trigger “when-custom-javacript-event”.

This post is going to show you the first one: “call others”, in other words call javascript from your Oracle Forms application.

During the Forms Modernization Seminar I showed a google map that could be manipulated from an Oracle Form. It’s an easy implementation with only a few lines of code(most of the javascript is taken from the api examples on the google code site:

  • Build a little form with one (control) block, one text field(to enter an address) and one button(to call the javascript code).
  • Next step is to create an HTML-page to display the form.

This code puts the form(in an iframe) and the map side by side:
(Click to enlarge)

And it will look like this:

  • The javascript that will be called is put in another file google.js:

  • The only thing to do is creating a “when-button-pressed” trigger in forms to call the javascript function showAddress.
    This is done by a new built-in procedure web.javascript_eval_expr:
  • Copy the HTML and javascript file to the following directory:
  • Create a new configuration using Enterprise Manager:

  • Make sure the parameter EnableJavascriptEvent is set to “true’ in your configuration!

And the working demo…


8 thoughts on “Forms 11g javascript integration: Call others

    1. Sorry about that. Seems like screentoaster doesn’t exist anymore.
      I dont’ have a back up of the recording, but I’ll look into another tool to put this back online.


  1. Hi Team,

    We had implemented Geocoding API in our application. It was working fine till we had Java 1.7 version. After upgrading to Java 1.8 version, application started throwing security pop up. To resolve the security pop Up we signed the Jar files with CA certificate, but after signing JAR files it stops working properly. Locator gives incorrect results. Seems like after signing Java code does not work properly.
    Is there a new version of API that needs to be implemented with Java 1.8 version or we need to customize something in existing Jar/ Java code to make it work.

    1. Forms 11g release 2( is certified with Java 1.8. So that should work(if you’re using release 2).
      I’m afraid I can’t help with the Google API. I’m not following up changes or updates on this.

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