Usability or easy-of-use has been around for a long time, but recently it is popping up in discussions more and more. Some customers need to use it, some want to use it and some should use it …

But how can we advise our customers to implement usability if we don’t do just that ourselves?

Time to investigate what usability is! 1 thing is for sure, it is a lot more than putting buttons in the right place. It’s about interviewing users, defining wire frames, design the interaction, making it an integrated part of the project lifecycle. The result should be an application, webpage or document that doesn’t need explaining and conforms to the expectations of the end-users.

How to do this, well, that is on the path of discovery, as is the impact on the entire project, timing, scope, budget and quality.

Who has already used usability within his/her projects and what are your findings?

For those who have already implemented usability, how did you fit it in the development process? What are your findings about usability? Would you do it again?

People at iAdvise have already shown a great deal of interest which will surely lead to some challenging initiatives.


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