ApEx 4.0 Region Selector

Last year on ODTUG I did a presentation where I showed my own implementation of region tabs. These are extra buttons to display regions in a more user friendly way. Suppose you have a lot of regions on your page then you could present a list of buttons, each button will show/hide a region.

I’m pleased to announce that in ApEx 4.0 you can do this declarative by using a new region type: “Region Display Selector”.
To set it up just follow these simple steps:

– First alter any existing region on your page and set the Region Display Selector to YES. You can find this setting under Region Attributes.

Region Display Selector

– Make a new region of type Region Display Selector

Region Type Display Selector

– You can add more regions to the display selector by setting the Region Display Selector to YES

Region Type Display Selector

You can see my own implementation of region tabs in the next photo gallery:


6 thoughts on “ApEx 4.0 Region Selector

  1. Hi There

    I have also tried this one …. but I’m stuck with these 2 issues:

    1) I would like to leave out the ALL
    2) I have 8 report underneath – when I search on ie report no5, then Apex shows all ?

    Is it possible to get around that?


  2. Hey Mette,

    Is it possible to put your example on apex.oracle.com?

    Then I can have a look and try to help you.

    For the first question:
    I don’t think there was an option to disable the all button, you can maybe try it with css, would be something like:

    .apex-rds-first {display:none;}

    But then you have to get the first region active because the all button would be default active. I suppose that should be possible with some custom JavaScript development but is this the right way the achieve this?


  3. Hi again

    I now have a little example on Apex.oracle.com

    workspace = mettes
    user = guest
    pass = mette

    Appl. 42607 Region test


  4. Hey Mette,

    I guided you in the right direction, up to you to complete it now, I’m still not convinced that this is the right way to do it.



  5. good presentation. Is it possible to remove the first tab ‘Select All’ and how to set a particular tab enabled on load of the page?

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