ApEx Export Interactive Report: tip or security issue?

Exporting an Interactive Report in one click is possible, you don’t have to use the right menu witch can save your user 3 clicks!

To accomplish this you have make a branch to the page containing an Interactive Report and play around with your Page Request:
– HTMLD (ApEx 4.0 Only)

Although this sounds actually very nice, it becomes less nice when I try to disable the export for an Interactive Report.

Even when I disable every option for the Interactive Report, it still will allow me to download all the data when playing around with the page request.

Maybe not a critical issue but definitely something to take in account when you use a lot of Interactive Reports.


2 thoughts on “ApEx Export Interactive Report: tip or security issue?

  1. The ability to disable the Download options is not a security-related option. After all, if the user can view the data on screen, it makes no sense to think that “export as CSV” is a security breach.

  2. I agree that it is a contradiction to let a user see the data but don’t allow to download it, however one could debate about the fact that you can turn of export options for the interactive report but they are still available.

    I also want the export to be available in pdf only but now it can be downloaded in any format.

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