All things Oracle

There’s a new Oracle source available:  All Things Oracle.

The aim of All Things Oracle is to provide a gateway to the wealth of information and material available for Oracle developers and DBAs.
The site brings articles and other resources of Oracle experts.
Just to name a few:

All very experienced experts that will bring interesting articles!

I will also contribute to this site.
My specialities are SQL, PL/SQL, Forms and Forms Modernization, so expect articles on these topics in the near future on All Things Oracle.


11 thoughts on “All things Oracle

  1. So you are going to RE-POST what they already post via THEIR blogs?? Or are you going to go and get EXCLUSIVE material from them??

  2. A little heavy on the Apex “experts” huh? Oracle has a buttload of products – I’d like to see more pl/sql or general development people instead of just Apex.

    Let’s face it – Apex is still a niche product despite what the product managers and conference-mongers want you to believe. How do I know? Tell me the last non-oracle/non-apex specific commercial website written in Apex. I can’t name one.

    1. Buzz,
      Sounds like a little APEX envy on your part.. But again that is just my BIAS towards APEX NOT being anymore a niche product that ADF or Forms & Reports…

      1. Tony,

        I have developed in Apex and last time I checked it was built into every Oracle database, so no envy here. I do however disagree with your assertion that Apex is not a niche product. If you are comparing it to outdated Oracle products like Forms & Reports, then you’re right. If you’re comparing it to all other web frameworks/languages/etc, yes it still is.

        If it weren’t a niche product, you’d see listings all over for jobs, but that just isn’t the case. Go to Monster or CareerBuilder and type in Apex or Application Express. Tell me how many results you get (that aren’t for btw). Now type in Java or .Net and compare.

        Doesn’t make Apex any worse of a product, but it is FAR from mass acceptance as a development platform.

  3. Buzz,
    Hmm, lets start with built into every Oracle Database.. It is installed as a default AFTER 11g I believe… NOT Built in, it can be selected to NOT be installed at install time of the database..

    Please tell me again where it is noted that Forms & Reports are outdated products? If you ask Oracle they are thriving products with multiple future releases planned…

    I do NOT cater to the idea that just because java & .nyet have sooo many more hits with companies looking for developers (Please go and do Java & .nyet, my customers do NOT need applications developed in these products).

    My customers and the companies that USE APEX use it because it meets their requirements.. They can use RAD development methodologies to develop fast, user-friendly apps that meet their requirements..

    Will it be that in 5 years? I Don’t know, and I am pretty sure you don’t have a clue either.. But at this point in time, I would NOT develop Web Based database applications with anything else…

    And again, mass acceptance is for what exactly?? Do you develop applications based upon what the next guy uses or what TOOL GIVES YOUR CLIENT WHAT THEY WANT?

    ’nuff said..

    Thank you,

    Tony Miller
    LuvMuffin Software

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