Oracle Forms 11gR2 released

In a previous post I wrote that Grant Ronald announced the release of Oracle Forms 11gR2 in our Oracle Open World presentation.  He didn’t announce an exact date, but it would be very soon.

Well, here it is!

The new version can be downloaded from Oracle Technology Network.
The installation footprint is reduced, it can be integrated in Oracle Access Manager and some other new features.



* Update

Client support:

  • Browser support is no longer based on Operating Systems but strictly tied to the browser themselves, no matter which Operating Systems they are installed on.
  • Oracle Forms is supported on both 32 bit browsers with 32 bit Oracle JRE & 64 bit browsers with 64 bit Oracle JRE combinations.

System support:

  • Oracle Weblogic Server: WLS 10.3.5
  • Databases: Oracle, Oracle, Oracle
  • 32 bit and 64 bit systems

More about certifications.


One thought on “Oracle Forms 11gR2 released

  1. Hi,

    Kindly help me to come out from my doubt.

    For 11g Forms and reports we required weblogic server, 11g middle ware software’s.

    @first we install weblogic server, then install 11g forms and report finally we configure the 11g forms and reports with Weblogic server, that’s it.

    The above mentioned steps for installing in Developers Machine.

    I want to know a clear picture to install it in server side.!

    Is there any server where these developed forms can deploy or store ?

    What we call this as “11g Forms server” or “Service” ?

    What are the components we need to configure this “11g Forms Service”?

    i am badly affected by this questions, because i am a core DBA slowly moving into Fusion-ware. Really i don’t have idea.

    To complete my Previous desktop tier (developer’s 11g Forms ) i took 5 days to complete successfully.

    At present really i become mad without any starting point. Kindly refer some documents which can explain me clearly and Requirements of software to install this.

    Hope u understood, kindly help me..


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