Gartner Report: “Modernization and Migration Strategies for Oracle Forms”

Grant Ronald brought this Gartner Report to attention on his blog: “Modernization and Migration Strategies for Oracle Forms“.

It’s great to see that our message brought to our customers and at our presentations is confirmed by this Gartner analysis

  • Upgrade to the latest version – At the moment this is Oracle Forms 11gR2
  • Modernize and integrate
  • Migrate(ADF, APEX, Open Source, …)

If you want more information on this topic, you can read my article on All Things Oracle: “What’s Your Choice for Oracle Forms?“.


3 thoughts on “Gartner Report: “Modernization and Migration Strategies for Oracle Forms”

  1. The Gartner report under represents Oracle Apex in my opinion and I’ve done production Forms, OAF, Apex, and investigated opensource JEE and also JDeveloper 11g R2 ADF.

    “No team development” in Apex. Come on. Did they even look at the tool?

  2. Hi Jason,

    I don’t agree with you completely.
    They write also: “we believe Oracle APEX may be a good choice for some Oracle-centric AD organizations for new, simple applications that might have otherwise been written in Oracle Forms instead.”

    There might be cases where Apex could be a possible solution path, but a lot of Forms applications are more complicated, so other technologies are more suited.

    But like I said, it depends on the application.
    My colleagues have rebuild a Forms application in Apex. They did a presentation about this case on the OGH Apex day: “Is APEX a worthy substitute for Orcle Forms?” (
    Instead of a pure migration, they rebuild the application and revised the UI, so it would be more intuitive.

    Indeed, Apex is one of the possible migration paths, but not in all cases.
    I also agree with Gartner that ADF(and the Oracle Fusion stack) is more suited for complex applications.

    In any case, thank you for your comment.


  3. Oracle forms still continues to be a part of mainstream technology for some of the organizations and it is one of the oldest of technology still in existence that is and has been used by Oracle to build enterprise applications with speed and ease over the last two decades.

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