For a client of us we had to call a webservice from a database, and the received information that we received from this call was needed in another procedure. It was the first time for me that I had to do this and I believe that not so many people now of this functionality in […]

Thursday night I got this fantastic news: “Dear Karen:Congratulations! Your abstract,Use the Power of Apex Dictionary Views to Increase the Quality of Your Apex Applications,has been accepted for presentation at ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2008, June 15-19, in New Orleans, Louisiana.” Wauw!! A range of emotions ran through me. I go to New Orleans, the city from […]

OWB Paris : What happened to “Generate intermediate results”??? Prior to OWB Paris, you could easily trap the SQL code that was being generated by OWB in a mapping : you simply had to rightclick on an outgoing group and select “Generate Intermediate Result”. At first sight, this option disappeared in OWB 10G release 2, […]

Most of the AJAX calls will require some parameters. Instead of using an application item for every parameter, I wrote some javascript and PL/SQL functions that will store all AJAX parameters as XML in 1 application item! The same javascript as in my first blog, but some extra parameters and functions are added. This javascript […]

Everybody is already convinced about the strength and benefits of AJAX. There is only one thing that keeps bothering me when I’m using AJAX within Apex. For every AJAX call, you have to define a new application process. I worked out a generic solution where you only need to create one application process for all […]