This is an extension for my previous post, how to not only submit via the next and previous links, but also via select. This might not be the best solutions, and improvements are possible, but it’s a good startpoint. We will replace the #TEXT#-variable of Apex with our own generated html-code. You need to add […]

How do you force a page submit when paginating through a report? Standard behaviour from apex is to redirect when navigating through the recordset of a report. While this is advisable in most cases, we sometimes need processes to run when the user clicks the next or previous button. I have often seen the question, […]

I’m one of the iAdvise Apex-trainers, a small group of Oracle Consultants that besides their daily job, also give an apex course from time to time. I’ll get this question every few months, but last time was rather unusual. Would you mind giving this course in Suriname? This country in South America is located over […]